Did Razer Learn From Their Keyboard Sins?

The Huntsman Mini is nothing like its predecessor

Photo taken by the author.
Photo taken by the author.


Before you even buy one, the Razer Huntsman Mini is a little confusing because it comes in two different varieties with two different prices. The linear model I’m reviewing here, with Razer’s new second generation linear optical switches, is $129.99 (official site). There’s also a model with Razer’s purple clicky optical switches, and that one costs less at $119.99 (official site).

Holding function shows you which keys have extra functions in white. Picture taken by the author.


In spite of the longer actuation distance, the linear Huntsman Mini still performs just as quickly for gaming as the absurdly fast switches in the Tournament Edition. Each keypress registers in an instant, and my gaming performance is right in line with what I’d expect with any other top keyboard.

Actual final resting place of my Huntsman TE keyboard. Photo taken by the author.
Photo taken by the author.


The Huntsman Mini uses the same frame design as the larger TE, just shrunk down to accommodate the sixty percent keyboard size. It’s a sleek little device, without any extra unnecessary trim or wasted space. The Razer logo isn’t even present save for the underside of the board, so this will fit into non-gaming setups too.

Photo taken by the author.


Could you get a nicer keyboard value-for-the-money-wise if you go the OEM route or buy a kit and build one yourself? Of course! But it wouldn’t have full Razer synapse integration, a cool design that might match your other gaming devices, or the precise wonderful combo of soft sound and fast performance that the linear Huntsman Mini has.



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