Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL Gaming Keyboard Review

Too loud, too fast, too janky?

Photo taken by the author.


The Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition sells for $129.99 (official site here), and regularly goes on sale. I found it for just over $100. At that price, it has a great feature set. It has Razer’s Linear Optical switches, a detachable USB-C cable with an interlocking connection, and strong PBT keycaps. The build uses an all-plastic base with a thin aluminum plate on top.

Photo taken by the author.


Razer isn’t kidding when they say that this keyboard is fast. The keys here have the fastest, lightest response of any keyboard I’ve ever used. It feels like they’ll actuate if I breathe on them, and in typing tests I regularly had mistypes even after a month of solid use.

Photo taken by the author.


This is the most rattling, loud, nightmare-sounding linear keyboard I’ve ever used. Each Razer Optical switch has its own dedicated metal stabilizer bar on it. This is great for ensuring all those quick key presses during games, but miserable for the sound of the keyboard. Picking it up and giving it a gentle shake emits a loud clanking rattle from every key, and that translates into the typing experience as well.

Official marketing image, www.razer.com


The PBT keycaps are a great touch in spite of the extra noise, and the doubleshot legends let a decent amount of the RGB light through…although you’ll probably notice some molding marks in the way of the letters on certain keys. The backplate is painted in a matte black color instead of the white used on some modern boards, so the lighting is fairly muted compared to the rest of the market and indeed the rest of Razer’s keyboards. The lights themselves also don’t seem all that bright even on max brightness, so this is a keyboard to buy for its insane speed first and its aesthetics second.

Photo taken by the author.


I loved this keyboard when I first got it, but the more I’ve used it over the last month as my main keyboard, the more I’ve grown to loathe it. It does indeed have some of the fastest-performing switches on the market today, but for every moment where that felt like an awesome advantage, I’d have another where I accidentally pressed a key I didn’t want to seemingly just by looking at it. It’s like a wound-up beast that’s so excited for you to press a key…and it’s so loud.



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