SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless Budget Gaming Mouse Review

The secret best cheap wireless mouse?

Alex Rowe


Photo taken by the author.

I’ve had an up and down run with SteelSeries mice. I love the Aerox 3, which many other reviewers hated, and I’m cold on the new Prime family in spite of its excellent button design.

A few years ago, Logitech launched the G305 and shook up the entire mouse market. It combines a capable version of their high end HERO sensor with their wonderful lightspeed wireless technology. Priced at an initial MSRP of $60, it now sees regular pricing an discounts in the under-$50 range. It put tremendous pressure on the rest of the tech companies to offer a similar product, or be left eating Logitech’s dust.

SteelSeries’ answer to the G305 is the Rival 3 Wireless. It features the same basic design as the Aerox 3, complete with the same sensor tech, wireless system, and optional Bluetooth connection, but it uses replaceable AAA batteries and sells for just half the price.

Is this budget mouse worth picking over more expensive products? Depending on your needs, it probably is.

Note: I bought this mouse myself at a local Best Buy. I don’t receive any sort of kickback or other compensation if you decide to buy one or if you click any of the links in this article. I don’t believe in affiliate links, as I