Razer Kaira X Budget Gaming Headset Review

A shocking blend of price and performance

Alex Rowe
6 min readJan 19, 2022


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The Razer Kaira family launched alongside the Xbox Series consoles in the fall of 2020. It initially featured two models that were both designed to connect wirelessly to Xbox consoles. It represented Razer’s first big push to get Xbox gamers to pay attention to their brand.

I had the chance to review the Kaira Pro shortly after it launched, and it was an exceptional headset with only a few quirks. Before the review, I was also fortunate enough to participate in a one-on-one media briefing. Razer’s marketing reps talked me through its features over a video call. During that chat, I asked “will you ever bring this headset to the PlayStation or other consoles?” Rather than the usual “no comment at this time,” they hemmed and hawed and referred me to the Razer Thresher, a much older product.

It seemed like such a waste of R and D money to create this new headset family and not put it in as many hands as possible. The Xbox Wireless tech is cool, but pretty limiting in terms of broad compatibility.

Sure enough, late last year Razer greatly expanded the Kaira lineup. The PlayStation got its own versions of the two wireless models, with some new features added into the mix. Budget-conscious gamers can opt for the wired Kaira X for Xbox, a headset that will work with any platform you’d like to use it on in spite of Microsoft’s logos being all over it. If you’d rather have a PlayStation logo on your box, you could get the Kaira X for PlayStation.

Regardless of which console license you choose, this is an excellent wired headset that should make waves in a crowded field.

Note: I bought this headset myself at retail. Razer doesn’t talk to me anymore because my contact there left and no one else reached out. My full reviews policy is right here. I don’t get a kick back or any other kind of incentive if you decide to buy this headset, and none of my stories contain affiliate or tracking links.

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The Razer Kaira X for Xbox sells for $59.99 (official site here) and it’s available in…



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