You’re welcome!

That’s a fun question. I actually already own my personal favorite headphones, and they aren’t even that expensive.

It’s the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro.

Their slightly v-shaped signature, strident treble, and attached cable aren’t to everyone’s taste. But I enjoy their ability to conform to my large head, their velour pads that are still highly isolating, their build quality with fully replaceable parts, and their goofy textured plastic that reminds me of the bowling seats and instrument cases of my childhood.

They do get a bit peaky and sibilant in the highs, at times…but their speed, impressive bass presence, and wide soundstage make up for it, in my opinion.

Of course, some people would say that there isn’t an endgame headphone. ;)

In a hobby that has so many choices that are different instead of better, it’s easy to get a little lost exploring models.

I have a personal spending cap of $350. Above that point, I’ve found that there isn’t much of a quality improvement…but that’s just for my personal tastes.

If I were going to go all-in and spend a stupid amount of money one day…I’d get the Beyerdynamic DT 1770, which is designed to be the 770’s big brother. It adds a ton of metal to the build, a detachable cable system, and the Tesla 2.0 drivers. It also goes for between $500-$600.

I also think Sennheiser’s recently announced $2400 HD 820 looks really amazing, and I bet it has the sound to match. I’d just be worried that I’d scratch/break the glass cups, haha. And I’d never spend that much, personally.

Thanks for the question! Happy listening!

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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