Wow, I’m jealous of the small price differences there!

The 558 is a really nice, pleasant-sounding headphone. And yes, all three of the Sonys will have more bass in than the 558 due in large part to being closed-back. They rise in bass in this order -> 7506, 100AAP, 1A. I don’t think the 1A is so bassy as to be muddy or bad-sounding, but it’s certainly the first thing you’ll notice upon listening to them. The bass is the most prominent component of the sound on the 1A.

The 7506/V6 has a long durable coiled cable which would probably be good for a work environment, and it’s pretty sensitive so it’ll play loudly from just about anything…phone/laptop/computer etc. It doesn’t need a special amp. They are also built like a tank and all the parts are user-replaceable and orderable from Sony. I know some production folks that have used/repaired the same set for years and years. It will sound like your 558, but with a more impactful bass and thinner, shriller highs. It may seem a little bit harsh at first, as the 558 is a smoother, less in-your-face headphone, so your brain might need a day or two to adjust. :)

If you want even more info than I’ve already given you about the 7506, this article at Wirecutter is a great read! Thanks for stopping by.

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