Wow, great catch on the removal of the half-wrap ski-goggle bands from the Steelseries accessories store. I hadn’t noticed that! That’s…ugh, that’s really frustrating, I agree. I’m guessing it also means that they were selling almost none of those, but it’s a bummer that they touted this early on as a great feature and then didn’t commit to supporting it long-term.

I can only evaluate comfort for my own personal head with my own personal glasses, so if I think something is comfy then it’s not a 100 percent guarantee that it’ll fit you well. I do all of my comfort testing with glasses on, wearing the headphones for at least one marathon “all-day” session…usually around 4 hours. If it’s comfy for that long, it almost always lasts past that too.

Off the top of my head, anything with memory foam is great with glasses. Memory foam is sometimes less comfy than other types of foam on initial wear, but during the first 10 minutes it should conform around your head and glasses nicely.

Practically all of HyperX’s lineup, from the $50 Cloud Stinger on up, uses memory foam, and they get away with their Cloud branding for a reason. The Astro A10 isn’t bad for a cheaper option, either. And if you’re looking to replicate the wireless functionality of your Arctis 7, the Astro A20 has some of the best memory foam I’ve ever seen in a gaming headset.

If you want to step it up even further, you might be a good candidate for one of the newer models that uses little ridges in the pads that your glasses can sit in. Razer’s current Kraken and Nari models have that feature, along with cooling gel-infused memory foam. and the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas has an adjustable variant where you can pull a little tab to adjust the glasses ridge. The upside of Razer’s take is that the ridge is in both the front and back of the pad, so it should help if your issue is specifically in the back.

It’s always important to buy from a place that offers a return policy for headsets, if you can. Best Buy, Amazon, and Gamestop are all solid choices for this at least in the states. In those rare moments where a headset is too small for my large head, those return policies are helpful!

Thanks for writing and thanks again for mentioning about the headbands. That’s something I’m sure others will find useful, and I might write a quick note about it over on my personal site soon just to let more people know.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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