Why Is Lego The Incredibles So Thoughtful?

Yes, the game title really doesn’t have a colon in it

Alex Rowe
6 min readJun 21, 2024
The main characters of Lego The Incredibles stand in a line, ready for action.
Screenshot captured by the author.

In 2018, prolific game development studio group TT Games released two different titles in their long-running Lego video game franchise.

One was Lego DC Super Villains, a sort-of-sequel to the Lego Batman game and film universe, featuring a large sprawling original story centered around a player created villain character. It’ s a good bit of fun and I’ll probably write more on it in the near future.

The other was Lego The Incredibles, a loose adaptation of Pixar’s two Incredibles films timed to the summer release of the second movie. I completely forgot that this game existed until the beginning of this week. I was playing some other older Lego games with my girlfriend and decided to dig back through my digital libraries, looking at the scattered history of unfinished titles I own in this series. I used to play these games to completion every time, but I fell off of this habit a number of years ago.

During that hunt, I saw Lego The Incredibles just sitting there in the PlayStation Plus subscription catalog, mocking me with its colon-free title and its Free Download button. I had a sudden memory of watching my sad local Best Buy store clearance out retail copies back in 2019, and expected to try it for a few…



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