Which Budget Razer Gaming Headset is The Best?

Alex Rowe
5 min readJul 24, 2022
The Kaira X (left) takes on the BlackShark V2 X (right). Photo taken by the author.

It’s Saturday, so it’s time for the gaming headset showdown!

Today, I’ve got Razer’s two sixty dollar wired models on my proverbial judging table: The Kaira X and the BlackShark V2 X. Any time you see the letter “X” in a Razer product that somewhat-confusingly means that you’re looking at one of their budget designs.

Is either of these more worthy of your cash? Let’s find out.

I wasn’t asked by Razer to write this or compensated by them in any way. I don’t use affiliate links in my stories because they are a blight upon the credibility of online reviews.


The Razer BlackShark V2 X (original review) sells for $59 but it’s almost always on sale somewhere. It comes in a couple of different Razer-style colorways. In spite of the relatively low price, Razer includes a basic carrying bag and a long PC splitter cable in the box. The connection cable and mic are both permanently attached, but the pads are easily removable and replaceable.

It uses Razer’s newest “Tri-Force” drivers and features a tournament-style aviation design.

You can see its official site here.

The Kaira X (original review) also goes for $59, and it’s available in a much larger range of color options. In spite of some models being branded for Playstation and some for Xbox, the core headset is identical across the Kaira X range and will connect to any wired device.

You don’t get a bag or a PC splitter with this one, but you do get the same frame design and padding from Razer’s more expensive Kaira options, and the same “Tri-Force” drivers. The build is downgraded to plastic, and the cable and mic are both permanently attached just like on the BlackShark.

Here is its official site if you’d like to see all the colors.


Do you like bass, or do you like treble?

That’s the core decision you’ll have to make here to pick your favorite. The BlackShark V2 X has a tuning focused around an intense, thumpy, enjoyable bass response. It’s like the recent official Xbox headsets — except that it sounds good. The mids and highs are detailed enough that…

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