Warframe’s Newest Warframe “Protea” Looks Totally Awesome!

I’m a complete sucker for time manipulation mechanics

Official Warframe marketing material, courtesy of Digital Extremes

his morning, Digital Extremes released a trailer for Protea you can check out right above this text. She’s the 43rd Warframe added to their game of the same name, and she’s coming out later this week on the PC and at some point in the future for consoles.

She’s part of the new Deadlock Protocol update, and her power list seems almost unassailable, combined with a fun svelte character design and a bunch of new animations. Her grenade fan, turret, and dispensary abilities all seem fun and possibly on the verge of overpowered depending on how they’re balanced in the game…but the one I’m most looking forward to is Temporal Anchor.

I’ve been a big fan of time mechanics in video games since the original Max Payne. I’m that one guy you know who loved Raven’s Singularity. I’m happy whenever time travel or time-based gameplay makes an appearance, and I think that Protea’s Temporal Anchor looks excellent. Essentially, you’ll activate it, run into a combat encounter, do as much damage as possible, then get sucked backwards through time to your starting point. All of the damage you did remains, but all of the resources you used are returned to you.

It comes along complete with some cool new sound work that was first teased back in Devstream 138.

Waframe screenshot captured on the Nintendo Switch by the author.

This goes beyond the scope of the powers introduced with some previous frames and borders on being an entirely new play mechanic, which is great to see. Implementing this sort of time-based power in an online multiplayer game is always tough, and I think this solution is elegant because it has a fun twist to it but won’t mess up player synchronization. It’s neat to see a time mechanic that can still run in real time alongside other players, unlike the “time bubble” approach used by so many games in the past that confines time-based effects to one small area that shows up for all players.

Hopefully, Protea will be fun to use and will make her way unscathed to consoles in the near future, since I do most of my Warframe playing on the Switch these days.

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