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It’s a schedule post! Remember when people used to do that?

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“A reflection of a blonde woman in headphones behind a glass wall” by averie woodard on Unsplash

I’ve wanted to get a pair of Takstar Pro 82's for almost a year now, but availability in the US has been…a challenge.

The HyperX Cloud II/Takstar Pro 80 is a favorite of mine, and the world. I’ve owned like…4 different pairs of Cloud II’s over the years? HyperX has also since released the technically-better-sounding Cloud Alpha, but even they couldn’t bring themselves to discontinue the iconic favorite.

At least, not yet.

So how do you follow a showstopper if you’re Takstar? By copying features and design from the MDR-1A and the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro? It looks that way. This week, I’ll find out for sure.

Here’s what I’ve got coming up this week for content:

Monday — Hyper X Cloud II USB Dongle Review

I didn’t like it at all.

But sooooo many people always ask me about it! And some of them really seem to like it! So I thought okay fine, I’ll go buy another one and give it several days of tests.

I’m a couple of days into that process now and I definitely have thoughts. Some good. Some bad.

Tuesday — Takstar Pro 82 Review

Though that always helps.

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“A blonde woman in headphones crouching next to a laundromat with a laundry basket” by averie woodard on Unsplash

Wednesday — Headphone Showdown: Takstar Pro 82 vs Takstar Pro 80/ HyperX Cloud II

Also, because I don’t look at my Medium notifications until Friday now, I won’t actually see those comments until two days after the showdown article is live! I’m truly living the online dream.

Thursday — HyperX Cloud II in 2018: Why does it still exist?

The answer to that last question is sadly, probably no.

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