I’ve got some things in the works for the coming weeks as we round out the year.

I was going to have one more review of cheaper headphones…but nasty weather has hampered my ability to receive deliveries in a timely fashion so that’ll happen after the new year.

Here’s what’s still on deck:

  • A couple of “listicle” style Best-Of articles about audio/headphones. Sort of like a headphone buyers guide. I’ll elucidate my favorite current headphones in a few different categories. It’ll be like this, but current and more. UPDATE: Best Wireless Headphones Now Online!
  • The Worst Headphones I’ve Tried. Pretty self-explanatory! I usually talk about things I like. Not this time! I will talk about unpleasant experiences…and check/rebut a couple of my older opinions that now make me cringe. UPDATE: Now Online!!!
  • M50X Ultimate Headphone Showdown. All people actually want is reviews of Beats products, or comparisons of things. To that end, I’ll compare the M50X to just about every headphone I’ve tried, based off my notes, my current collection, and my personal history of audio experience. I’m amazed at the M50’s ability to polarize the audio community, and I’m hoping that by diving deep into it I can figure out why so many people either love or hate it. I’ve written about the headphone a few times before, and it continues to burn up the charts/draw endless hate in the meantime. UPDATE: This is live now and writing it drove me crazy. Yay!
  • “Sidegrading Vs Upgrading.” I want to look at the concept of “Sidegrading,” an oft-derided practice in the headphone fan space. In my opinion, it’s not such a bad thing. If that opinion just made you like me less, I’m sorry. I hope you will at least stick around so I can explain. UPDATE: This is now Live! It got a little ranty. And took me longer than I expected.
  • Another installment of Audio Dictionary. UPDATE: This is now live! I have no idea what this one is going to be just yet. My original audio dictionary piece is quite popular, and I want to write another one. I find the glossary of terms used in audio criticism frustratingly opaque and stuffy. I think headphone fandom should be fun, exciting, and enthusiastic. It’s why I try to focus on different details than other reviews, and why many of my reviews are experiential rather than objective in tone.

If you aren’t excited about a headphone, you aren’t going to like listening to it!

And now here’s a picture because you can’t post a medium article without a picture. I mean you can. But a computer in a server room somewhere would probably frown at you.

Image for post
Image for post
A picture of some M50X’s, a coffee from a big chain coffee place, and part of my computer I took a few months ago. I really love the sound signature of the M50X. It’s “neutral” but also not. It’s a really fun headphone you can also use for studio work. In my opinion at least.

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