Titan Quest is out on Xbox One and PS4

Wait what.

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Titan Quest, the 2006 release that’s secretly the best Diablo game, is now out on Xbox One and PS4 in a newly-enhanced version that costs 30 dollars.

What an amazing sentence to actually write!

If you’ve never played Titan Quest, you’ve missed out on a breathlessly-paced handcrafted open world isometric action RPG adventure, with a story written in part by the dude that wrote Braveheart and piles of random loot that will warm the heart of any Diablo fan.

Titan Quest sat dormant for years after its release…but then about a year ago, its current owners THQ Nordic started doing stuff with it, hiring a new team to pick up development 10 years after its last expansion pack. They upgraded the game so that it would run better on modern PCs. They put out a brand new expansion pack (Which I believe will eventually come to consoles).

And now there’s this new console release. It has multiplayer for up to 6 people online, and same screen co-op is coming soon.

And if you’re a Switch gamer, they’ve also got a version coming to that platform in the coming months.

I’m really excited about all of this. I’ve always loved Titan Quest, but in spite of its fun gameplay, beautiful visuals, and massive world…it never quite captured a huge audience the same way that the Diablo games did.

I’ve never understood why, either.

(The folks that made the game originally went on to make Grim Dawn under a different team name with a vastly enhanced version of this same engine. That’s also a very good game).

Thanks to its new visual upgrades, Titan Quest holds up today. It has a pristine, clean quality to it that’s still shockingly modern in spite of the core game being 12 years old.

I’ll have a full review of the console version in the coming weeks once I’ve bashed my way through its massive environment, but if you’re even remotely a fan of this genre you owe it to yourself to check it out without waiting for my random opinion. They’ve done everything right with this release from the price to the visual updates, and it’s the perfect product to fill the gaping void left by Marvel Heroes and the disappointing-in-my-opinion Diablo III necromancer expansion.

Here’s a link to the last time I shouted at the internet to play Titan Quest.

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