You Hate Sony, but Keep Buying Sony Things?

This reply is incredible, and comments like this are a beautiful reason to get up in the morning.

Just to bring everyone up to speed, a month ago you came here and said this:

“You’re kidding right? Sony has the worse sound ever, in smartphones, in headphones and in everything because in Japan, they say that they use low volume in smartphones [they sound almost mute, like the xperia xz premium]. So… NO, THANKS. The article is totally biased in favor of Sony and everything that is said is just false. Sony mdr1000 were even given for free with the xperia xz premium launch, which clearly marks which is the value of those headphones. Zero.”

I had a lot of fun replying to that one, and I thought we were all done here.

But now you’re back again, and it has come to light that you own a Sony Xperia XZ phone. And that you refuse to sell it in spite of hating it due to “costs.” I’m guessing that means you’re still paying for it through some kind of delayed payment plan? Even so, couldn’t you sell it for something that would roughly cover the costs that you paid for the phone? Or trade it in through your carrier?

I have so many other questions, too!

  1. Why did you buy a Sony phone if you hate Sony so much?

It’s pretty clear from your posts that you don’t like Sony, like at all. In your first post when you kept mentioning the Xperia phone I thought you were just targeting it for random hate since it was another Sony product. You loosely associated it with the 1000X headphones through that giveaway, but that was its only relevance to my original article.

But you bought one of these. And…and you spend time going around hating on your own phone on the internet? I suppose it’s one thing to spew vitriol from a place of experience, and I commend you for that…but it’s so weird!

2. Did you miss out on a free pair of 1000X headphones, which you’re now bitter about?

In your original post you mentioned that Sony gave out free 1000X’s at the launch of the Xperia XZ premium, and that logically, it meant that the headphones were worth zero dollars.

Aside from their potential build quality issues, they’re actually pretty good! It would suck if you missed out on a free pair with your new phone purchase, and I would sympathize with you if that were indeed the case! You’d have every right to be bitter.

3. Do you really believe that Sony could somehow tweak their Bluetooth chips to make one song sound bad on your Bose headphones?

Bluetooth is a carefully controlled wireless transmission standard. The audio codecs that companies can use over Bluetooth are also quite standardized and maintained.

It is highly unlikely that the scenario you propose, where Sony is purposefully killing the performance of Bose headphones with some random clicking distortion, exists. That would be hilariously difficult to actually do and/or get away with. At worst, I suppose it could be a firmware bug somewhere but I have no doubt that it’d be patched in short order.

I detect no illegal conspiracies here. If this were really going on, don’t you think one of the big tech sites would have reported on it? Don’t you think it would happen with every song and pair of non-Sony Bluetooth headphones, and thus be well-known by this point?

You could possibly prove something was going on, but you’d have to make sure you had the latest firmware on the headphones and your phone. You’d have to do several tests in a room with no bluetooth interference. And you’d have to show that it was repeatable every time. Even then, it’d probably just be the result of a bug and not some grand “illegal” conspiracy.

My guess is that you had some interference/a performance glitch in the playback and, because of your hatred of Sony that’s so powerful you own a Sony phone, you thought they were out to get you.

4. You…you also bought some Sony Wireless Earbuds recently?

So even though you hate Sony and all they stand for, you also bought some of their ear buds? And now, you’re contemplating buying yet another pair of Sony headphones to replace the Bose headphones you don’t like.


I think you need to slow things down and take a hard look at some of these choices. It’s okay for you to like Sony. It’s okay for you to hate Sony. But it’s pretty hard to do both of these with such strength at the exact same time.


Sony is most likely not trying to prevent you from buying other people’s headphones through some kind of cheap tactic, though they would be happy if you kept buying their products.

The one advantage of staying inside Sony’s ecosystem is that you can use LDAC, their proprietary Bluetooth codec for hi-res audio. I’ve never owned a full LDAC chain, but I hear it’s pretty good.

However, with the Bose QC35 you can use Aptx or AAC which are also totally fine. So again, you probably just ran into a bug.

Problems are not always conspiracies. Opinions don’t always have to agree.

If you come back here in another month to tell me about the additional Sony products you’ve purchased and how much you hate them, we’ll have another chat! Thanks for stopping by.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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