These Models are Wearing Headsets Backwards

I get a kick out of promo shots with backwards headphones.

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This model is wearing a Logitech G933 gaming headset (my review).

But it’s on backwards! Whoops!

As you can see on the cup that’s prominently facing us there, there are four small buttons and a volume control knob.

Those are meant to be on the back of the headset, so you can reach up with your left hand and easily adjust them with your thumb.

I recently reviewed the excellent Waves NX 3D audio software. It’s very good. This image is featured on their otherwise slickly-produced site for the software.

It cracks me up for reasons only known to me.

What makes me giggle even more is that they did it twice.

This totally real gamer with his elbow way up in the air, his surfing equipment randomly leaned against a window, and his Darth Vader lamp, is also totally wearing these headphones backwards.

I don’t have any bigger point here.

I just get a small bit of amusement out of people wearing headphones backwards in promo shots and wanted to share these with you.

I think the software is pretty good. But I also think a company that’s won several awards for their audio software can probably figure out how to tell their promo models to wear headphones the right way. Also, none of the brands in the images are blurred out or obscured, which makes me wonder if the featured headphone companies paid for placement.

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