The Top Seven Dynasty Warriors Games of 2018

Is Omega Force the world’s most prolific developer?

Alex Rowe


I know what you’re asking yourself. Did Omega Force really release 7 Dynasty Warriors games in 2018?

Yes. Yes they did.

I’m not even stretching the definition of a Dynasty Warriors game too much to hit that number.

Two were brand new releases in the core Warriors franchise.

Two were remasters of core games for new platforms, and another two were remasters of licensed spin-offs…because apparently Koei only just learned that HD remasters are a thing.

And the last was a new Attack on Titan game which, while not strictly conforming to the classic Musou/Warriors gameplay, is still running on the same engine technology, from a lot of the same people, and with a lot of the same core systems.

Here then, in ranked order of my personal opinion, are the 7 Best Dynasty Warriors games that came out last year. Which is also all of them.

7. Attack on Titan 2 (All Current Platforms)

I’m not picking on Attack on Titan, necessarily, even though I’ve put it at the bottom of my list. The first game was quite popular, and the second one came along pretty quickly and on a bigger selection of platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. It added the ability to play as your own character, new stages based on the show’s second season, and some online multiplayer modes to the already fun grappling-based gameplay.


It also recycled a lot of content from the original game. More even than is the norm for the long-running Warriors franchise. That might be fine if they hadn’t decided to call this a numbered sequel to the original. But this game requires you to play through the entire storyline, and much of the content, from its predecessor before getting to the new stuff. There’s no way to skip this even if you played the first game.