The tiny deception in HyperX’s Marketing

Little headband cables? What little headband cables???

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A few weeks ago, HyperX launched a $79 PS4-branded version of the classic Cloud II headset. It’s a different color of the stripped-down Cloud X that also launched not that long ago, but with Playstation logos on the sides.

That part is totally fine! I like the Cloud lineup….although I think by this point that the Cloud II and its Takstar innards should be left in the past in favor of the Cloud Alpha.

These new models have a reduced impedance of 41 ohms compared to the ~64 ohm impedance of all the previous models. This should allow them to be driven to louder levels by the PS4 and Xbox controllers. That’s also a good thing!

What’s not so good is the images they’re using to promote these new models. They’ve gone to great lengths to either edit out or tuck away the small cables that connect the ear cups to the headband, and to each other.

It’s not every single image either, many of the images on the official page for the product do still have the little cables in them, even if they’re sometimes tucked away next to someone’s ear or hair.

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I’m not saying this is a “major” issue, and I totally get that the headphones look better on a box without those little cables there. Further, a lot of the product shots that you see now are actually CG renders and not real shots, and maybe it was just a lot easier to render the headphones without the cables.

But for a split-second, while holding a pair of these in the store, I was like “Wow! The figured out how to hide those cables!” They got me. They tricked me for a hot second. And I just thought I’d pass this on so you won’t make the same mistake.

These still look and function the same as every other Cloud, as far as the headband cables go at least.

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