The short answer is yes, you could use them as monitors in a studio. But they wouldn’t be my first choice.

Depending on what you’re plugging them into, it’s highly unlikely that would damage the earbud unless you’re using the loudest possible volume levels.

But that’s a little bit down to what you’re using as your source.

If you’re using a home computer style setup with a desktop audio interface, that should handle an earbud just fine…although depending on the output impedance and the noise floor of your particular interface model, you might hear additional hiss in the earbuds thanks to their low impedance and high sensitivity.

Now, if we’re talking about a full-on mixing console in a recording studio…then yes, that might be able to put out enough power to damage your earbuds if you cranked them. But also, if you’re in a place where you have access to a full mixing console, you’ve probably either got a solid enough budget to buy basic over- ear studio headphones, or you’re in a pro studio where they should have some Sony, Beyerdynamic, or Audio-Technica pairs lying around. And that would be a more pleasant experience.

If you’re looking for a cheap studio monitoring headphone, Audio-Technica’s M-series and Sony’s V6/7506 are all pretty good for that and will last a long time. They also have cable lengths that are better suited to studio work. The AKG pair is mainly designed to plug into phones in your pocket and play some music.

Unless you’re hearing constant distortion and driver break-up when you’re listening, you’re probably not going to mechanically damage your ear buds. And the volume/power level would have to be really high to extrude the drivers to the point where they break.

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