The Only Headphones People Want To Read About — The Magic of Apple and Beats

Let me show you a little secret.

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I have 252 stories posted on Medium, and this one, my review of the Beats EP headphones, is the one that generates the most traffic.

A few others do well also, but the Beats review is the star of the show.

It’s not a particularly long or detailed review. It’s short, to the point, and answers all the questions you might have about a headphone you probably don’t need to read a review of before you buy it.

Not only is Beats the world’s most popular headphone brand. They also have some extra magic. The magic is that Beats is owned by Apple, and people love to read stuff about Apple products.

At first this seems kind of baffling…but from this information we can learn a lot about the typical Apple consumer.

I mean, okay, I know that Apple is popular. I’m writing this article on an Apple MacBook. But there’s so much coverage out there about Apple products that I’m impressed people still land in my little part of the internet when I write about them.

This means one of two things: Either Apple fans are so bored that they’ll read anything that Google gives them with an Apple product mentioned in it…or they’re one of the most engaged consumer bases out there.

The fine folks at Beats don’t really care about reviews. They put out decent products and then market the hell out of them, and the sales come naturally. And their position at the top makes them hard to knock out.

But from looking at my numbers, I can guess that a number of their fans are totally reading reviews, even if they don’t directly influence the purchasing decision.

Maybe they’re just looking for post-purchase validation. Or, maybe they’re looking for a sense of community…the very feeling that Apple is so good at creating.

That’s the genius of Apple. They’re not just selling you a gorgeously-designed, decently-specced, and slightly over-priced product…

They’re selling you a ticket to the club.

You can feel good about your Apple purchase. You can look at other people in the coffee shop using MacBooks and think “yeah, that’s me too.” You can see other people with Beats headphones and know exactly what kind of experience they’re having.

You feel connected to them…even though you’ve never met and you probably never will.

Apple sells connection and community. No other tech company has latched onto that quite as well. They all sell individual experiences. Google tried to do this with their “Be Together, Not the Same” campaign but I don’t think it worked out for them. Nintendo has this type of committed fan-base…and pretty much ignores their wishes with baffling decisions like discontinuing the NES Classic.

Any article I write that mentions Apple or Beats does 100 times the views of my other stuff…even if other articles highlight better products.

So if you want a quick road to success on Medium…start reviewing Apple/Beats products! If you figure out the next step after that, leave a reply and let me in on it!

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