The One Exception to the Apple Clicks Rule

No one read my Solo 2 Review

The Beats Solo 2 was the first awesome headphone out of Beats. They got the bass heavy sound signature under control. They refined the look and feel into something worthy of their new Apple owners. They managed to split the difference between fun headphone and audiophile headphone in a way that would please a large swathe of consumers.

And so everyone on the planet reviewed it. Including me.

Usually, when I write an article that has Apple or Beats in the title, it draws a large number of views and maybe even some fun discussion. But not my Beats Solo 2 Review.

That one has been clicked on, and fully read, by exactly 7 people.

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So it has a 100 percent read ratio…which is great! But it, and Coffee Shop Musings, are tied for last place in total number of people who clicked and read out of the over 500 articles I’ve posted on Medium so far.

Strangely, the Solo 2 review was even picked up and republished by Festival Peak, a music publication with a healthy readership. And still nothing.

I’m very grateful to the exactly 7 people that read my Solo 2 article. It was one of the first headphone reviews I wrote on Medium, back when my review “format” was less of a format and more of a long ramble that was sometimes about the product.

Why didn’t this article draw more attention? The disappointing Solo 3 was still a twinkle in Johnny Ive’s eye. So even though the Solo 2 wasn’t the newest kid on the block, it was still the world’s most relevant and popular headphone.

Surely, that didn’t help me. There is so much coverage of the Solo lineup, and all of it kind of blends together after a while. “This is a totally fine if slightly overpriced headphone with a good sense of style and enhanced bass response.” There, I just summed up every modern Solo review for you.

Hilariously, in spite of the rambling nature of the review, it’s actually less picky and detailed than my current stuff. I’m probably going to cave and buy the Solo 3 at some point even though I’m so bummed that they spent almost no budget properly improving it, just so I can give it the full Alex treatment.

But in the meantime, those looking for that sort of Alex take will be left wanting by my Solo 2 review.

I eventually reviewed the Solo 2 Wireless, and that got a lot more attention. Very much in line with what I expected from a review of an at-the-time older model.

And it’s such a similar headphone that my original review probably became redundant at that precise point.

So….maybe Apple and Beats aren’t so magical for clicks after all. Or maybe this is just a weird anomaly from my early days on Medium. It doesn’t really matter either way. I didn’t get into this for the clicks…but I do like to always be aware of them.

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