The Monday Blog: Boost Mode is Upon Us, The Zelda Backlash begins, NMS Path Finder Update

My last Monday blog was about PS4 Pro and Zelda, so I guess it’s fitting that this one is too?

Or maybe there’s just not that much to talk about right now.

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Dynasty Warriors is fantastic. Hey wait come back!

Boost Mode is Good

You probably already know this from the many other articles, blogs, videos, and impressions out there…but PS4 Pro Boost Mode works quite well. It allows non-patched PS4 games to take advantage of the higher CPU and GPU clock speeds of the PS4 Pro hardware.

The two main games I’ve tried this out with are Dynasty Warriors 8 and Just Cause 3. Both are games that have totally random framerate problems on standard PS4 hardware, and both games are much smoother experiences now thanks to Boost Mode. Are they perfect? No. But they’re noticeably improved. Load times are better in both games too.

It’s great! I don’t know if it’s good enough to make people rush out and upgrade to the new system, but it’s certainly nice that Sony can now say “Runs ALL of your games faster!” and not “Runs some games faster that got patched!” This probably all should have been there right from the start.

Zelda is irritating?

Now that Zelda has been out there for a bit and people are loving it, the inevitable backlash has started. Every time a game is popular and reviews well, at a certain point the flaws start to pop out. Then the worry begins. “Maybe this good thing isn’t as good as we were lead to believe?”

In the case of Zelda, I actually think the skeptics raise some sound criticisms. No game or work of art is “Perfect.” That would be silly. All motivation to create new things would go away, and we would all stand in awe of the perfect thing going “well your new thing is not as good as the perfect thing.” I haven’t played Breath of the Wild yet, so feel free to ignore me. Having said that, I’m a human with eyes and a brain and some of the things people are complaining about seem a bit problematic.

Jim Sterling has taken a lot of fire for his criticisms. I think some of that is just due to the way that Sterling plays a character and presents things. Personally, I happen to enjoy weapon durability systems in games. I particularly liked DeadRising’s take on this concept. But I know they’re not for everyone. The same goes for stamina systems.

The bigger issue is that, with the lack of Switch stock on the market, I can’t actually play the game and see for myself. Yay?

No Man’s Sky gets New Graphics

I wasn’t expecting that much out of the new No Man’s Sky update. It now has buggies and some easy ways to share your base/home planet with another player. Like I said of the first big update, it’s all probably stuff that should have been in the game from launch.

The most dramatic improvements actually come in the visuals. Hello Games briefly mentioned that the game would feature a new lighting system and PS4 Pro support BUT HOLY CRAP it’s so much different-looking! The “new lighting system” amounts to an entirely different visual look. The colors pop way more. Lighting affects objects much more realistically. Everything is more vibrant, to the point where it looks completely new and awesome.

Also, the game now runs at 1080p/60 frames or 4k/30 on PS4 Pro. On a base PS4, it now runs at a locked 30. The PC version got additional visual bumps as well, though it doesn’t seem quite as well-optimized as I was hoping it would be. Is No Man’s Sky now a Good Game For Everyone? No. Absolutely not. But if you liked it before, the new graphics will probably really impress you.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Some programmer dudes came in here to this coffee shop and took a bunch of the chairs to seat their group.

So now I’m in a cafe surrounded by tables that have no chairs.

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