The MacBook Pro is Still Overpriced

Please don’t pay over $1000 just to have a touch bar

This week, Apple surprise-updated the touch bar MacBook Pro models with 8th generation Intel processors, finally bringing their CPU performance in line with other modern PC laptops.


Unfortunately, this also further highlights how much you’re paying in “Apple Tax” to use a nicely-equipped MacBook Pro.

I just bought a 15-inch Dell G5 Gaming.

It was $1100.

It features an 8th gen 6 core i7 just like the new MacBooks, a GTX 1060 GPU, 16 Gigs of 2666 MHz RAM, and both a 256 Gig SSD and a 1TB mechanical hard drive.

A comparably-specced MacBook Pro is…$2399.

I say “Comparable,” but there are some big differences with the MacBook.

The RAM is running at a lower speed. There’s no second hard drive. There are four thunderbolt 3 ports compared to my PC’s 1…but I also have an SD card slot, three full-sized USB ports, an Ethernet jack, and an HDMI output port, all things you’ll have to use dongles for on the MacBook. And those cost extra.

You’re also stuck with the flawed butterfly keyboard, the subject of several lawsuits and massive online controversy.

To its credit, the MacBook has a nicer, higher resolution display, and of course it has that touch bar. And it’s a little bit easier to carry around…at the cost of thermal throttling issues that are well-documented.

Is that stuff, plus access to the admittedly-excellent MacOS, worth OVER ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS?

NO. No it is not. Not objectively, anyway.

Subjectively, you’ll have to make that call.

It’s really funny to me that they’re using this image of Photoshop CC to promo the new models, since you can run it just as well on a much cheaper PC.

If you need MacOS software, like Final Cut, then I feel you. It’s a totally good editing suite, and I enjoy it myself. If you really like the aesthetics of the MacBook Pro, that’s cool, and I can’t blame you at all. They’re pretty darn sleek and portable, and the colors are nice. And they totally crush the aesthetic design of my Dell laptop, without question.

But man, Apple sure is charging you a premium for their hardware. It’s never been more obvious than it is right now.

Thank goodness that they’ve at least brought the CPUs in line with other modern machines. You don’t have to feel like you’re getting an old processor…unless you bought one last week.

But an affordable machine, the MacBook Pro is not.

I know that Apple hasn’t really ever been about making affordable computers, that their focus is on other things. And that’s totally fine. But if you consider yourself a pure hardware person, don’t be roped in by these new processors alone.

Consider everything.

I was a big MacBook guy for the last couple of years, but more and more I feel like they’re not targeting me at all.

I’ve seen tons of other articles online that are super excited about this new surprise processor update, but I still can’t get over that price premium, personally. You can get this exact amount of power for dramatically less money, with more storage and a better GPU.

That doesn’t mean I’m saying you should never buy a Mac just…just really think about it for a day before leaping in on these new processors alone.


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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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