The Logitech G Pro X Has A Stupid Build Problem

Logitech fooled me with shiny fake metal decals

This G is a cheap sticker. And yours will probably look like this too.

ometimes I don’t get it right.

And sometimes, Logitech apparently uses cheap stickers instead of metal.

A little over a month ago, I reviewed the Logitech G Pro X.

Aside from stealing its design from HyperX’s lineup, and a terrible implementation of virtual surround sound, it was a great headset. It had solid audio, a good new microphone, and robust build quality…

Or so I thought.

The other night, I noticed that one of the metallic “G” emblems on the side of one of my pair’s ear cups had some crud on it. Upon wiping this crud, I discovered it wasn’t crud at all…it was decal adhesive seeping out.

There was no way to clean it off, there was no way to make it better. Carefully wiping at it with a microfiber cloth just pushed more and more of it around and began to destroy the sticker.

I didn’t even realize these little G symbols were stickers in my original review, and for that I apologize. I’ve amended my original article to add this info. I thought they were simply part of the ribbed metal plates that Logitech used on the sides of the ear cups.

Here’s the sticker on the other side. You can see the adhesive seep/decay already starting at the top of the G.

“Alex, are you really bothered about a decal falling apart?”

Yes. And I’ll tell you why.

Logitech is pitching this as a “Pro” product. The people most likely to buy this are also most likely to be bothered by a decal falling off.

The metal plates these little decals are stuck to are fantastically robust. They have a ridged texture and feel thick and solid.

But that very texture means they also shouldn’t have stickers on them.

There’s not a flat surface for the adhesive to gain purchase upon, meaning that over time the sticker is likely going to fail on every single one of these units.

Plus, gaming headsets sometimes take abuse. They get tossed in bags and carried to friends houses. As a designer, you probably don’t want it to be possible for the branding to just peel off.

I wish that Logitech had scrapped these stickers and printed their logo somewhere else on the headset. The headband already has “Pro” embossed into it. Maybe it could say the full “G PRO X” name instead?

I can’t think of a single other gaming headset in the $100 price range that uses stickers for its logos.

No one wants an easily-destroyed sticker on the side of their headset. The underlying product still has some positive qualities, but this is the sort of baffling design decision that can ruin your fun.

Once your sticker inevitably starts to mar and peel, you could carefully scrape it off and try to clean the adhesive out of the aluminum plate’s grooves. Good luck trying to do this without scratching or ruining the plate, though.

Again, if you’re in the market for a product at this price range and don’t want it to have cheap stickers on the sides, I’d recommend checking out literally any other gaming headset.

What a dumb disappointment!

Attention to detail is everything when you’re trying to stand out in a crowded field. Logitech blew it with stickers that look great for about a month.

I’m sorry I didn’t catch this in the full review, and I hope Logitech makes better design decisions in the future.

The logo should not fall off a headset after five weeks.

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