The gamer profile you’re using is a software EQ that applies a bass boost. Nearly every reviewer will test products without any sort of EQ applied, myself included, so that you know what the out of the box experience is like. That way there’s a level basic playing field being evaluated as far as the product itself goes.

Software EQ can help you adjust pretty much every headphone to your liking, and I enjoy it when reviewers who use EQ let you know the settings they preferred, as it helps you get an idea of the sort of sound signature they best appreciate, and might also help you refine a pair that you’re not in love with.

Metal571 is especially good at this.

I didn’t install Cooler Master’s software for the review because the dongle works completely independently and that’s something they’ve touted in the marketing. Plus, non -PC users won’t have access to it. But it works the same way as any other third party EQ software would.

Sound is pretty darn subjective and beyond a certain level of reproduction quality it’s going to come down to personal tastes. The MH752’s default tuning has a great level of bass for studio headphones and critical-style listening. It doesn’t bleed into the midrange and it’s relatively accurate to the original mix.

But “fun” materials, like games and movie soundtracks often benefit from a little more slam. In general.

When myself and others say that it’s lacking bass, that’s as compared to other gaming products at this price range and also our personal tastes. I enjoy it when gaming products have a little extra oomph in the low end. Many gaming mixes rely heavily on the LFE channel, and headphones with a punchy bass response help better replicate the experience of gaming with a nice subwoofer.

But there’s still a “good” level of bass in the MH752.

It’s not about whether your missing anything and more that you’ve discovered your personal tastes don’t skew towards a heavy bass response. My hunch is that you’d find the sound of many of the warmer consumer headphones on the market unpleasant as well. Now that you know about what your tastes are like, you’ll have a little easier time picking headphones based on reviews and graphs.

The ear warmth thing happens with all leatherette pads to some degree depending on how warm your room is. You could dismantle the annoying plastic rings and try cloth pads on the headset but then you’d lose bass response and isolation. These little trade offs are what make the audio hobby both fun, and highly obsessive.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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