The Apple EarPods are a loaded example. They don’t seal to your ear canal at all and have trouble producing bass frequencies as a result. And they’re a $29 dollar product, if we’re talking the wired ones.

And they were still a big step up over the old original ear buds.

I even reviewed them just for kicks once.


Have you ever heard a nicer pair of IEMs with sealing silicone/foam tips? You can get AMAZING sound out of even the tiniest drivers thanks to the magic of acoustic design.

Even the oft-loathed Bose made a really nicely balanced set of IEMs with tiny drivers at one time.

And there are whole communities devoted to buying ever-increasing piles of nice high priced IEMs, and others looking for lower-cost ones that perform well…all of which have drivers that would fit comfortably many times over inside an over-ear pair of headphones.

But hey you can believe what you want to believe. I don’t mind!

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