The 7th Guest VR: Haunted By A Ghastly Ending

Alex Rowe
7 min readFeb 22, 2024
Two live actors have an encounter in the 7th Guest VR.
Meta Quest 2 screenshot taken by the author.

The original 7th Guest is an icon of early 90’s PC CD-ROM gaming, and alongside Myst it helped to usher in the era of the modern “immersive” point and click adventure. With the magic of 700 megabytes of optical storage, gamers could enter full 3D worlds complete with live action characters and many inscrutable puzzles to solve. Where Myst was ethereal and beautiful, The 7th Guest was more of a horror experience, with a dark creepy mansion and a central murder mystery to uncover.

Last Halloween, Vertigo Games released The 7th Guest VR. Unlike the earlier Myst VR, this isn’t simply a port of the original game into a new format, but rather an entirely new title. The script, puzzle designs, and cast are all brand new, and the result is a modern gaming experience that still evokes the themes from the original. Just as the original pushed CR-ROM tech forward, this new VR version has an incredible implementation of live actors in a 3D space that I hope will inspire other games in the future.

If only it could have stuck the landing.

This article doesn’t spoil this game’s story, but it does contain my opinions on the design aspects of the last few puzzles and their context within the overall game. I wasn’t asked or paid by the game’s publisher to write this, and I bought the game myself from the Meta Quest store.

The title screen of the 7th Guest VR.
Although the title, setting, and premise are from the older game — this is a brand new adventure. Meta Quest 2 Screenshot taken by the author.

The 7th Guest VR is available across all modern VR platforms, including the Quest, PSVR2, and SteamVR. It’s thirty bucks, and should take you around five hours to play through once. It has bonus collectibles hidden about its mansion that unlock some achievements, but no other significant replay mechanics and only one ending.

Just as in the original, the game is set inside a creepy mansion built by an evil toymaker named Henry Stauf. After years of being a weird recluse, he invites six people to his mansion and then they’re never heard from again. You play as a mysterious ethereal figure who has arrived at the rundown mansion many years later, and you have to explore its rooms and chambers to figure out just what happened inside.