That’s correct! All three models of the Arctis Pro use the same hi-res certified driver, meaning they’re fully compatible with hi-res playback in wired mode with the right DAC/amp. The Arctis Pro wireless supports only standard resolution in wireless mode, and the basic wired Arctis Pro’s Game/Chat balance dial doesn’t have built-in hi-res support. The GameDAC version is the only one that ships with a full hi-res chain inside the box, if that’s super important to you.

I don’t personally think that hi-res is a huge selling point, especially as a gaming product, as no games yet ship with hi-res audio files to my knowledge. But if you’re listening to hi-res music that’s potentially a different story, though again the sonic differences are negligible in my personal experience and really of a bigger benefit to the people producing audio in the digital space.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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