That’s an impressive ear size! Mine measure around 63mm from bottom to top. I usually just say “larger than average” because “Big” ear cushions tend to be optimal for me.

I’ve tried cramming my ears into all sorts of pads over the last three years. Fortunately, my lobe is a little bit flexible, and ear pads with a width of at least 50mm (A common headphone driver size) and an oval shape usually have enough height to clear my ear. Also, many headphones have a little bit more room for your ear underneath the pad beyond the hole, like Bose’s models. Driver angling helps too. Some pads will ever so gently hit the top or bottom of my ear, but as long as the foam is really soft, then I’m okay with it.

I tend to view headphone fit in a 3D way, instead of just focusing on the height of the pad. Sometimes a pad will look small but still cradle my ear in a good way in 3D space, if that makes sense. I usually just have to try them to know.

Having said all that…

Not too many headphones have a pad hole height greater than 80mm, I’m afraid. Head-fi did some work trying to compile pad sizes over here a while back.

I’m currently reviewing a set of Razer Nari’s, and they have massive ear pads…but their inner height is around 65mm, with a little extra wiggle room. Razer makes some of the largest pads on the market, with the Kraken V2 Oval pads having a height of 70mm, as you can see on Razer’s graphic here.

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70mm is absolutely gargantuan in the world of headphone ear pads. The 56mm size of their pad on the right is generous for a round model, and very similar to the Beyerdynamic pads I’m so fond of. Those Beyer pads fit me a bit better though, because their edge is tapered/rounded instead of squared off, and quite malleable allowing them to a hold an ear larger than their inner dimension.

I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you. I’m running through all the large pads in my head. Many headphones and headsets do have removable pads. The most common attach mechanism is a plastic lip you just stretch the pad around, but there are some that are more proprietary. It’s a matter of researching the individual model, and then buying third party pads online to put on there yourself.

Unfortunately, even the biggest third party pads might not be large enough.

The Brainwavz HM5 pads, renowned for their comfort and size, have an inner height of 70mm, just like the Razer pads above.

Sennheiser’s very expensive HD800 has an inner pad diameter of 82mm. But that’s a $1300 headphone. I could never in good conscience recommend a purchase that big to someone. But that’s probably as big as things get.

You might be in a position where you’ll have to see if on-ear headphones are comfy to you, or go in-ear. A light clip on model like the famous KSC75’s could be just the ticket, as it barely makes contact with your ear and has great sound quality.

I’m sorry again I don’t have better news! I don’t usually break out measurements like this unless someone specifically asks, and I’m sorry that I went through all this only to say “The biggest ones I can think of might still be too small.”

Thanks for reading and writing in.

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