Thanks so much for the kind note!

I 100 percent agree with you. The consumer tech writing space is tough, and readers need to use and trust their own comprehension even more on an internet that’s now filled with sponsored content.

And yes, I’m always amazed at how many debates there are about which headphone sounds *best*, and how vitriolic some audio fans are.

Neutral is different for everyone and not always “right” depending on the material/use case.

A lot of folks tend to prefer the Harman target, but I’m also partial to Diffuse Field compensated headphones myself, so even among agreed-upon “standards” it’s easy for personal taste to play a role. And bass-heavy headphones still have a massive market share thanks to their marketing campaigns and in-your-face fun sound.

I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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