Thanks for the detailed reply!

I’m sorry I mistakenly guessed that you had bought a Sony pair of in-ear headphones. I just figured that since they worked, they must have been a Sony pair, since that would fit in with your overall thesis.

I’m truly, genuinely sorry that you’re having this issue with your phone and non-Sony Bluetooth pairs. That sucks, regardless of what the cause is.

I don’t personally think I’m being paranoid in saying that you have strong generalized feelings against Sony, because you originally came here to tell me bad things about Sony that had very little to do with my original article, and you take little digs at Sony in all of your comments. Which is fine, and you’re well within your rights to do it!

There is a marked difference between criticizing something you love, and seemingly disliking every product a company makes. I’m sorry that so many of their products have flaws that have made you unhappy. I can relate to that completely, I hate it when stuff I spent a lot of money on doesn’t work right, and I often obsess over little details myself.

But I usually end up returning flawed stuff if I can, or selling it on to someone else.

I would love to come by and see the problem for myself but I don’t live remotely close to Barcelona. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about your city, though!

The deepest irony is that we’ve now had this lengthy conversation at the bottom of an article about a pair of headphones that’s completely irrelevant to the conversation. You came here originally to criticize the 1000X, when it turns out it was the 100ABN that was given out for free.

You have to admit that’s funny, right? :)

I’ve never used the 100ABN. I’ve used its wired predecessor, the 100AAP…and I actually really liked it at the time. So that’s all I can really speak to that particular model.

I think you raise a brilliant point about the way that reviews are done. Most tech reviews are indeed centered around a thorough examination of just one single device…which doesn’t really line up with the way real people use their stuff. It’s probably impossible to test every popular combination of devices, but it might be interesting to see big reviewers, who have access to a lot of tech, try out several all at once.

I always try headphones on a few different devices, but I only have a laptop, a phone, and a desktop…and they’re all pretty common products that aren’t likely to expose this kind of stuff.

Have you talked to Sony support at all about this issue? I’ve heard a lot of sad and frustrating stories from people that have had a rough time with their support. If I was going to join you in your Sony Criticism, I’d probably write about how their support has let people down over the years, seemingly at random.

Do you know anyone else with an Xperia phone who is having the same issues? I suppose it’s possible, however slight, that you’ve discovered something genuine, much like how the cracking problem in the 1000X plastic took a while to emerge. I bet Sony support would be happy to hear from you, and maybe depending on how it goes, even exchange the phone! Your case would be stronger if you could find some other folks having the same issue out there. I don’t know if Sony has a forum for their mobile products, but it might be worth a look?

Thanks for coming back and writing in such detail “as if you were a famous politician.” I got a genuine laugh out of that and I very much enjoyed your reply on the whole.

You brought up some thought-provoking points, and I appreciate your honesty and that you spent your time writing as well!

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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