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Interesting, this makes me wonder if every demo unit is afflicted by these issues. That would be unfortunate. My demo unit experience and my personal in-home experience were vastly different.

The ANC debate between the QC35 and the 1000X will probably rage on forever. I’ve seen both models win depending on who is doing the testing.

My cafe has a near constant low rumble thanks to its older ventilation system, and I agree, the 1000X did a better job against this than the QC35’s. Transient noises like voices and music are really tough to cancel out. It took me several hours of back and forth testing to decide I preferred the 1000X…and it may in part be because the 1000X fits my head in a clampier way, and possibly seals just a touch better than the incredibly comfy QC35s.

At this point when people ask, it’s easiest for me to just recommend whichever is the cheaper of the two that day. If that happens to be the Bose, then I’d first make sure that the listener is okay with their sculpted signature. If that’s the Sony, I’d point out the possible build issues with cracking plastic and also mention the decent warranty.

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