Thanks for reading and for your reply, I appreciate it!

I haven’t tried the Marshall Major II myself, but it’s an on-ear headphone. That means that it would indeed be more portable and have decent isolation…but long-term wearing comfort might be an issue. On-ear models tend to push on the ear cartilage in a way that most over-ear models don’t. This can get pretty fatiguing over time. I can’t wear most on-ear models for more than 30 minutes before I start to feel pinched, but that might just be me.

If you found they offered a comfy fit, it sounds like they’re better suited to you than the 950BT, as long as you don’t mind giving up the wireless functionality. The 950BT is more expensive and doesn’t fold down…although the newer N1 model does fold. But it’s still quite bulky in comparison.

Over-ear models tend to be on the larger side, even when they collapse. The only ones I can think of that aren’t are the Bose models and the V-moda M-100.

I hope that at least helped guide you in the right direction. Thanks again!

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