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I’ve always been fortunate enough to live a platform-agnostic existence, having been exposed to different computer platforms at a very early life. My family had a Royal Alphatronic and an Atari ST as our first home computers, and we finally got a PC in the early 90’s. My elementary school had a lab full of Apple II’s that I enjoyed spending time in, and my school district was Mac all the way as time went on so I got to see lots of those machines.

My college pretended that they didn’t play favorites, but that was only because the guy that ran the IT department loved Windows and everyone else under him didn’t. So some lip service was paid to the Windows platform but really the school ran on Macs, hahaha.

I’ve never felt the fervent loyalty to a machine that some people have, and I recognize it’s because I’ve had the opportunities to make choices that not everyone can make. And also because I don’t have a large social sphere pushing me one way or another. I’ve always liked to go my own way, and I try to follow both my interests and my ideal use cases.

I think Apple’s computers have lost a lot of their fun over the last five years as the company has hit stratospheric levels of money and success. I suppose that’s an inevitability of large scale mainstream popularity in American business, but man I’d love to see some of that fun come back. The Touch Bar doesn’t count.

Heck, as an audio guy I’d settle for Apple finally redesigning the Beats headphones. They’ve done essentially zero outside improving battery life and connectivity distance with a Class I Bluetooth chip AKA W1. That’s cool I guess, but everything else in the designs is still 100 percent identical to the company’s last days before the Apple buyout. Kind of sad.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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