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They never become as comfy as the 1000X, even after the headband stretches out and you break the pads in a bit.

If you found the in-store demo to be too tight, these might not be the right model for you. The clamping pressure loosens up a little bit over time thanks to the metal headband, but I’d imagine the in-store demo has had plenty of use/chances to stretch already, depending on how long it has been there.

The 1000X is a bit more comfy overall, with its larger and nicer ear pads, and softer headband padding. Clamp is about equal, but the holes on the 1000X provide a little more clearance for the ears.

When you say the felt tight, do you mean the clamp on your head? It’s possible that the N1 would stretch out enough to be comfy, but again, I’d guess that store demo unit has had a fair bit of use and should have stretched already. Either way, the 1000X is more comfy. And if you’re looking for the most-comfy headphone at the 1000X price level, that’s actually the Bose QC35!

I hope that answers your question! Headphone comfort is so important, and it’s going to differ a little bit person-to-person because we all have different heads. Thanks again for stopping by.

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