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It’s tough to beat the comfort of HyperX’s pads in that budget range, as far as studio headphones go. Most studio headphones focus on isolation, and they get there through clamping force, which isn’t always the best pair with glasses.

The most comfy studio headphones I’ve ever used are the Beyerdynamic 770/880/990, but those are in a higher price tier.

The Cloud II is also actually based on a studio headphone already (Takstar Pro 80), so you’re getting sound there that’s comparable with that sort of product.

If you like the way the Cloud II fits, the Cloud Alpha provides a slight comfort boost thanks to slightly thicker padding and softer leatherette. It also has more detailed bass, less harshness in the treble, and a removable cable.

I’d happily hold it up against any studio headphones in that price range!

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