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Your question is a bit of a toss-up, honestly. In a good way! The Cloud Flight probably doesn’t have the featureset to justify its slight price premium over the Arctis 7, so in a pinch I’d pick the Steelseries model because I like to save money and it has a better mic…but otherwise they’re very close by any standard measure of “quality,” and so it’s more down to your preferences.

The Arctis has a brighter sound profile, and it’s a bit less noticeable on the head. The HyperX lineup provides stronger bass and better isolation. So I’d pick based on those factors as they line up with your personal taste.

Since I do a lot of listening in coffee shops, I tend to prefer isolation, but if you’re a footsteps hound/competitive gamer, then the Arctis is probably a better pick, especially if you play in a quiet environment.

Some folks have had driver/signal issues with the Arctis 7, but I think those have been resolved in the 2019 edition.

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