Thank YOU for the detailed reply! If I got more replies like this, I might not have burned out on headphone reviews to the point where I’m taking a break, hahahaha.

I sometimes enjoy a brightness in the upper mids. I used to really dig the MSR7 for analytical listening. But I also like to keep fun headphones around because my “real job” involves a lot of recording work, and there’s only so long I can have treble hitting me in the face.

I think the differences between the two models are small enough that you did the right thing keeping your white box ones and playing around with mods. It’s such a cheap headphone that they’re a good candidate for modding.

I’m still bummed that Takstar glued the pleather pads to those rings. The rings would make pad changes so easy, a la the HM5’s, if they only didn’t put that glue there.

It’s funny that you mentioned the MDR-1A. I had the chance to audition the MDR-1AM2 recently, Sony’s supposed follow-up to the 1A. It’s something I’ll have to write up some day. But in short…it’s such a different headphone! The frame is totally different! The pads are more memory-foamy…but the openings are smaller and the material isn’t as nice. And the sound is a warmer, more consumer-friendly sound. I was pretty disappointed with my short audition session, and went from an interested customer to a pass.

I loved the original 1A, and for a long time I hauled around a 1A-DAC as my main headphone because I had no qualms about burning money on a headphone back then, hahaha. I’ve since learned to be a little smarter in my shopping, and even though that headphone was probably about $100 too expensive, it was still great.

Thanks again for the reply, I always love to hear about what people are up to with headphones.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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