Starbucks Triple Mocha Frappuccino and Ultra Caramel Frappuccino Review

Solving problems you didn’t even know you had!

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I tried both of these, but I only remembered to take a picture of the Triple Mocha one, because I drank the caramel one too fast.

ave you ever been drinking a Starbucks beverage and been frustrated that the last sip doesn’t taste the exact same as the first sip?

I’ve run into this problem before. It happens a lot on iced drinks because the ice dilutes things. It happens with the elaborate macchiatos when the fancy sugary ingredients run out and you’re left with slightly tainted coffee.

But I’ve never had this issue with a Frappuccino(TM).

Frapps are basically just milkshakes with coffee in them. They taste good, and you drink them quickly on a hot day, and you move on with your life. If there was any inconsistency in their flavor, there’s still sugar everywhere in there and maybe even some whipped cream so it doesn’t matter.

Starbucks has now fixed this problem for their frappuccinos only. And the results are pretty good.

And more expensive than the older drinks.

They’ve passed the non-savings onto you. Stock photograph of coffee.

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“Cappuccino in a white cup on a saucer with foam art and a small spoon” by Jason Wong on Unsplash


The Triple Mocha and Ultra Caramel frappuccinos(TM) are the first new permanent additions to the frapp lineup in 474 years. Unlike the many themed one-off and holiday drinks that Starbucks rolls out every 22 days, these new drinks are here for good.

They should probably just be the new defaults? If you’re already willing to pay the price of a regular frappuccino, you’ll probably be willing to step up to these for good.

Of course, if the old ones went away, someone would be mad. But it wouldn’t be me.

What’s the big new secret? Magical whipped cream.

The whipped cream on these new drinks is infused with fresh cold brew coffee. That coffee-fied whipped cream is then layered into the center of the drink, similar to some of the temporary drinks from the past. This carries more coffee taste into the entire beverage, and ups the caffeine content a touch, too.

You also get a higher grade of chocolate or caramel syrup to round out your slightly higher price.

The results are…actually pretty great, and exactly what Starbucks markets them as.

The new frappuccinos really do taste the same from beginning to end. The chocolate and caramel are stronger, and the drinks actually taste a bit like coffee now!

If you liked the old ones because they didn’t taste like coffee, then you’re out of luck here. But if you want your coffee drinks to taste like coffee, you’ll probably like these!

I still drank them down very quickly, because they’re basically delicious coffee milkshakes. I balked at the slightly-higher price these command, until I tasted them and realized that the ingredients actually were better, and that swirling the whipped cream into the drink is probably more annoying for the baristas, thus making the high price more reasonable.

Now, if you’re the sort of person who drinks your Starbucks sans-whip, then there’s no real point to these. The new Cold Brew Whipped Cream (tm) is 60 percent of the excitement.

In the days since launch, in my totally scientific test of sitting in one single Starbucks watching people, I haven’t seen a single old Frappuccino go out the door. These are a hot item. And it’s with good reason. Maybe if we order enough of them, the price will go back down.

Or maybe this success means that we’re now doomed to get premium Cold Brew-i-fied versions of every whipped cream drink on the menu, pining for the days of yore when regular whipped cream saved us 50 cents per drink.

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