Starbucks Strawberry Green Tea Infusion Review: I don’t love it

I liked the Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion quite a bit. But this strawberry one…I just don’t know.

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If visual aesthetics are more important to you than taste, then this is the drink for you!

It’s okay.

Maybe the lemonade version is better?

It looks very nice. It looks appropriately like a strawberry drink. Just like its Peach cousin, it doesn’t actually contain any strawberry.

It’s a little bit weird that these new naturally-sweetened tea drinks don’t actually contain the fruits in their names, isn’t it?

Once you get over that, and the pleasant way it looks, you’ll be sipping on a drink that doesn’t totally stick the landing. On first taste, there’s indeed a good bit of strawberry flavor…though apparently that’s just other fruits and plants fooling your brain.

Then the tea hits. And then…a weird, watery, sugary aftertaste.


The further I got into the drink the more I noticed this aftertaste. It’s not bad per se, but it’s not quite the light refreshment I got out of the peach drink. And it felt at times like there was a bit of sugar sticking to the back of my teeth.

I have high demands on low-calorie drinks. I don’t want them to taste artificial, and I don’t want them to taste too sweet either. Starbucks nailed this balance with the Peach White Tea…but this Strawberry one is just a touch off.

The blend isn’t quite as natural and the ingredients all stand out a little more.

Now again, it’s not bad, and you might find yourself enjoying its slightly bolder, stickier taste profile.

But I didn’t love it.

I was in no way repulsed by this drink and I finished the whole thing. But I liked it less at the end than I did at the beginning; a conundrum the Peach version didn’t burden me with.

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