Starbucks Soy Coffee Frappuccino Review

It’s kinda good!

On an average day, I consume a fair bit of lactose.

Sometimes this is fine.

And other times, my body is unhappy with my brain’s decisions.

Yesterday I learned that Frappuccinos can be Soyed. So I tried one this morning.

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I like the original coffee frappuccino, and this one with Soy Milk in it is a reasonable facsimile. It’s not quite as creamy, and it has a sweet aftertaste to it that’s a bit different than the sweet aftertaste of the original version.

When I got to the bottom of the drink, things separated out more than normal and I had to wait for some of the icy bits to melt.

Like a regular coffee frap, it tastes like coffee and sugar. And like a regular coffee frap, it’s better-tasting than you’d expect from the bland brown color.

If you want a coffee milkshake that has half the calories of the other coffee milkshakes and also has less of a chance of causing intestinal discomfort, then the Soy Coffee Frappuccino is a pretty good choice.

But if you want something that tastes strongly of coffee, then you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

I honestly went into this expecting that I’d have more to say than I do. I don’t normally like the taste of milk substitutes. I can tolerate them on cereal but outside that context I find them a little troubling. Lactose-free milk has a weird sickly sweet taste…and no matter how good the Almond or Soy milk is, I can always tell that something is not right because I’m so used to the taste of milk.

But I consume a lot of milk in mixed coffee beverages that I never really fully taste, so replacing that with Soy milk makes a lot of sense.


This is good. It’s better than I expected and still totally a fun coffee milkshake.

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