Starbucks Shaken Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion Review: Smooth, Light, and Wonderful!

I normally get my Starbucks/Teavana Tea Products(TM) with lemonade, but I thought I’d try my first drink of the new “Shaken Infusions” line completely raw.

Well, as raw as it can be at least.

Turns out it’s pretty good, and it might not need the extra sweetness the lemonade brings.

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My favorite Starbucks tea beverage is the Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade, but this new one is threatening to usurp the throne.

The peach taste is light and natural, and tastes much more like actual proper fruit than weird artificial sugary business.

That’s because these new drinks are sweetened with new fruit blend infusions that are steeped and then shaken into the tea with a touch of sugar. As opposed to the syrups of days of yore.

It seems like a simple, obvious concept…yet it makes a big difference. There’s none of that sugary bite the old Starbucks tea drinks used…though it’s still nice and lightly sweet thanks to the splash of sugar.

The old drinks made me feel like I’d just consumed a cup full of candy.

The new ones taste like real fruit and tea, and are light and pleasant enough that I feel like I could drink several in one sitting…if I was really thirsty.

You can taste the tea here too, but just barely. The Peach Citrus blend has about a million different things in it, and they are a cascading assault of nice fruit tastes that almost totally overwhelm the tea. It comes in right at the end as a gentle almost-aftertaste.

Humorously, of those million different fruity things in the infusion…not a single one of them is Peach.

But it still manages to taste like peaches. It’s like magic.

Did they make up this blend of things and then try and figure out a name for it after the fact? Were a bunch of people sitting around a test kitchen sipping things until one of them shouted out “It’s kind of peachy?”

We may never know.

On first sip, I was like “Ew no this has none of the fun sugary enjoyment of my favorites.”

But then it grew on me. Quickly.

There’s nothing offensive about this drink. It’s just very tasty. And it doesn’t linger too long in your mouth. You could drink this instead of water if you’re looking for something refreshing and thirst-quenching, and leave your local Starbucks feeling satisfied.

At 45 calories, the light taste is not just an illusion. It has about half the calories of the old shaken syrup-sweetened tea drinks.

Today(July 14th), Starbucks is giving away tall-sized samples of these drinks for FREE, for one hour. You can find more info at, a new web site they’ve set up just for these drinks because they’re very proud of them.

I think they should be, honestly. And they didn’t pay me to say any of this.

For years now, “sweetener” at Starbucks meant sugar syrup. I’ve got nothing against their syrups. Come holiday time, I will proudly pay many dollars to fill my body with as many peppermint mochas as I can get my hands on.

But it’s really cool that they’ve found an alternate lower calorie way of sweetening drinks that doesn’t rely on artificial sugars. I know a lot of people who will be happy about that.

I hope these drinks stick around as a permanent item. I’m guessing they will since they have their own web site. I’m looking forward to trying all of them!

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