Starbucks Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew Review

A slightly different vanilla cold brew in an adult sippy cup.

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Does the idea of drinking a Starbucks Cold Brew(TM) out of a different cup that doesn’t need a straw excite you?

Then boy, have they got the drink for you!

The Starbucks Cold Cascara Foam Cold Brew is a Cold Brew with some sweetened foam on top that’s also cold.

Especially the ice that I kept accidentally allowing into my mouth because my sippy cup skills are not very good.

Yes, this drink comes in an Adult Sippy Cup. The idea is that you’ll get a sip of the sweetened foam in every taste, because with a straw you’d just bypass the foam and not know you’re drinking something special.

It works. Sorta. Once I lowered my sipping level to “Delicate” I was able to appreciate this drink.

And it tastes like a more refined and textured Sweet Cream Vanilla Cold Brew. Probably because in addition to the cold sweetened foam…they also pour some vanilla into this for some reason.

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The foam has these little crunchy bits of sugar on top of it

The different flavors of the coffee, the foam, and the vanilla all come through well here… for the first half of the drink, and then only if you manage to correctly proportion your sips.

Once I got to the halfway point of the cup, the coffee taste became more aggressive because I was running a little low on foam.

By the end of the cup… it tasted like a diluted vanilla sweet cream cold brew with the addition of big ice chips occasionally coming into my mouth.

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Not the best ending.

I would still recommend this, barely, if you’re looking for a different take on the standard Cold Brew formula and you don’t mind using the sippy cup. You’ll probably do a better job of it than I did.

Rarely does a drink make me call my drinking skills into question.

The cold foam is also available atop the smooth Nitro Cold Brew, and I imagine that one is much easier to drink regardless of your sipping tenderness as it doesn’t come with ice.

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