Sorry that this human took so long to reply! I’m busy enough in my non-headphone that I now only check my Medium comments once a week!

The WS1100iS doesn’t have recessed mids at all. In fact, in spite of being a “Bassy” headphone, they have a very strong mid and upper-mid range, which is an Audio-Technica specialty. Their soundstage is also quite nice…but that’s because they’re semi-open.

That openness means that they don’t isolate nearly as well as any of the other pairs we’ve talked about.

And no, sadly, price differences have almost nothing to do with sound quality. As a general rule of thumb, $99 or so is the threshold where the “good” products start, but beyond that it’s a total crapshoot based on your personal preferences and what features you need.

A lot of people are perfectly satisfied with the high quality sound offered by products like the 7506 and M40X, which both regularly go for less than $100. But neither one offers very many of the bells and whistles that modern listeners have come to expect.

But no, more money almost never means more sound quality, it usually just means different tuning, features, and materials. But don’t tell that to anyone out there spending $1000 on headphones. ;)

Marketing departments don’t like me for saying things like this. I think this is why I never get sent review samples.

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