Slowing the Drip

I’ve decided to only look at my Medium notifications once a week

This article started out as a played-out typical self-help meta think piece behind the paywall about the ills of notifications, and it’s now morphed into a freely readable rambling near-insult to some of my readers. I promise I intend no offense with the random babble of hard truths I’m about to dispense, nor will I be upset if you are offended and decide never to read one of my non-headphone articles ever again.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back.

Earlier this week I wrote about how much time I was spending replying to comments on things I’d previously written, and how that was taking just as much time as other important things, like creating new content, playing a video game, eating, or living my actual life.

Time to try something different then: I’m only going to look at my Medium notifications on Fridays.

That means that if you want to ask me what headphones you should buy after reading my reviews, or you want to accuse me of being paid to write one of the reviews I financed with my own money, then I’m not going to know about it till Friday of that week.

If you tweet your insight at me, I’ll still know right away, but you’ll have to keep your message more brief unless you want to write a whole thread.

I generally like replying to stuff…but just like most of my writing, I don’t get paid to do it, and it sometimes takes up a lot of my time. So now, it’s going to be the content I create on Fridays.

That’s one less day to worry about what my daily writing habit will produce!

I made this decision 48 hours ago after finishing the article I linked at the top of this post. You probably aren’t even reading this post because it’s not about tech or headphones or games, and if you are, you probably didn’t click on that article link. I’m saying that not to be condescending, but because I have magical data that shows me these things are most likely true.

I know things.

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“A dark-haired woman with her hair wrapped around her hair listening to music on headphones” by Alice Moore on Unsplash

I need to stop writing like I have an actual, “regular” audience. Most of my 1400 followers don’t actually read 90 percent of my content. To the few of you who do, I see you and know that I appreciate you.

But my core audience is tiny, and I write like it’s not. That’s the “mistake” I’ve made that’s lead people into thinking that it’s okay to just bombard me with random headphone questions. They look at my articles and think that I’m a professional reviewer, because my articles look suspiciously like other professional reviews.

I’m honestly not sure whether that’s a compliment to me or an insult to professional reviewers.

I’m also not sure how we all lost our collective ability to make purchasing decisions directly in line with more information becoming available. It’s easier than ever to get access to hundreds of well-developed opinions about a product in seconds from the slab of glass in our pockets.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

As a child trying to figure out what video game to spend my Christmas money on, I would have been overjoyed to have this type of information overload.

Instead, we just get overwhelmed and ask the very people who just provided an opinion to provide more opinion, so that we don’t make the “wrong” choice.

Dear reader who will now have to wait till Friday for me to provide more opinion on headphones I already reviewed: it’s okay.

As long as you’re buying something generally accepted as good, you’ll probably like it! Remember that you have a personal opinion and feelings, and that if the headphones or game or whatever you’re about to buy appeal to those feelings, you’ll probably have a good time! And if not we have this thing called a return you might have heard of.

I like internet discourse, but eventually I need to spend time with the actual things I say I like that I’m supposed to be discussing with the populace at large so that I can continue to knowledgeably discuss them.

This is an effort to do that.

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In just the 48 hours since making this decision, I’m up to 27 Medium notifications. That’s not too many compared to some weeks, but it is enough that I’m getting nervous.

I should probably turn off the feature that sends replies to my email, otherwise I can’t check that email account without feeling guilty for not replying to people.

Don’t let the periphery of your hobby take up more time than your hobby! And don’t ask people on the internet to spend time doing something for you, especially if they’re not being paid for it. There are people behind those words, videos, and podcasts. People just like you who have the exact same number of minutes in their day.

It’s not my job to make up your mind. I’m just a dude. I’m happy to discuss things. But you have to pull the proverbial lever.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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