Skullcandy SLYR Gaming Headset Review

An excellent new budget choice?

Alex Rowe


Skullcandy SLYR gaming headset on its side on a laptop on a desk.
Photo taken by the author.

Skullcandy hasn’t been in the gaming headset space for a while. They used to own Astro (before selling it to Logitech), and years ago they also had their own in-house lineup of gaming headsets, but for the past several years they’ve focused on Bluetooth consumer gear instead.

Now that’s all changed. Skullcandy is back in the gaming space with the wired SLYR and SLYR Pro headsets, as well as the PLYR wireless model. All three are priced competitively and feature the company’s trademark sound signature and design flair. I didn’t know that they were launching these new models until I saw a SLYR randomly on a shelf at a local store and bought it on impulse.

I’m glad I did, because this is an excellent budget wired choice that competes well with other established players like Razer, and even has a feature that I’ve never seen on an analog gaming headset before.

I bought this headset at retail with my own money. I don’t use affiliate links or write sponsored posts.

The Skullcandy SLYR is $59.99 USD (official site here), and it’s available in three different color schemes. I bought the “Black DigiHype” model which has a neon pink headband and a colorful digital camo pattern on the inside of the headband. In the box, you get the headset itself, the boom mic, a 5-pole removable 3.5mm cable, and a combo extension/splitter cable for routing to the back of PC cases.

The design of the SLYR is nice, and although it has an all-plastic build it still feels decent in my hands. The insides of the headband use a soft-touch material, and the outsides use a fake brushed- aluminum-esque plastic. The rotation hinges swivel a full 180 degrees, though they’re a little looser and floppier than I normally like. The ear cups pivot on nice ball joints for a great seal and fit on my larger-than average head, and there’s also plenty of adjustment room in the headband.

Comfort-wise, the memory foam in the ear pads is some of the nicest I’ve seen at this lower price. It’s ridiculously soft and plush with a very slow rebound speed, and its thickness helps improve the isolation of the headset. You’ll get a nice privacy cocoon while wearing these even in a louder environment like a coffee…