Skullcandy Grind Wireless Review Addendum!

I have learned some new things about the Grind Wireless and I want to share them with you. My original review is HERE.

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The pads are removable!

I was trying to diagnose an issue with one of the rotation hinges on one side my headphones (I think it’s just a defect with my pair or something I caused, not an inherent issue in the product) and I pulled on the pads to see if they come off. They do! The foam is blue!

Don’t pull off the pads oh man!

The pads are really hard to reattach. I’ve removed and reattached several pads in the past, and these are in the top ten percent for difficulty. It’s probably due to their small overall size, and the fact that they are circles. Don’t remove them unless you absolutely must. I’m not even sure if Skullcandy sells replacements, since the headphone is so cheap to begin with.

The Rex40 drivers are not 40mm and are closer to 30mm

As you can see in the image there, the driver is centered in a small portion of the center of the ear cup. I measured them at about 30mm. It’s impressive that they’re getting so much sound out of such a small driver…but a little bit weird that they decided to call it a “Rex40” driver. They clearly want you to assume that it’s 40mm even though it’s not.

Driver size isn’t the only indicator of sound quality (far from it), and these still have a great sound, but it’s…a curious marketing move for sure.

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