Should I Replace My MacBook with an iPad Pro?

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The MacBook is more flexible, technically, since it’s a “proper” computer with a “proper” operating system.

Screen Size!

The MacBook screen is 12-inches, and the biggest iPad Pro is…

Keyboard/Input Quality!

I really like the butterfly switches on the MacBook keyboard. For me, they are a perfect blend of mechanical precision and laptop tinyness. I like that they respond on every part of the key, because I am a sloppy typist.


The iPad Pro has touch input. I wish that the MacBook had this!


Haha no I’m just kidding the MacBook doesn’t play games. Well, it can play a limited selection of the limited Mac library. Sometimes I can use it to play Torchlight or whatever.


Thanks to its small form factor and use of off-the-shelf Intel hardware, the MacBook is…

Guys I Screwed Up

I probably should have bought an iPad Pro. But I wasn’t really thinking about it when I bought this MacBook. Which I still love!

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