Sennheiser PC350SE Headset Review: Sometimes Big is Too Big Part Two

In my “headphone plan” blog earlier this year, I mentioned that I’ve always wanted to try the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro. I liked the 280 Pro, in spite of its comical telephone-like appearance on my head.

The only trouble is…Sennheiser sells about a million versions of the 380 Pro. There’s the base model…and a bunch of gaming headset versions with permanently-attached mics that frequently go on sale for lower prices.

One of these sales got me to bite. But it turns out the headset took a bite out of me. Or something.

Enter the Sennheiser PC350SE, which I got for about $79 from Amazon.

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This little blurry product shot is straight from Amazon. I was too lazy to find another one.

The normal version of this headset comes with a hard carrying case. My cheaper direct-from-Amazon version came in “Basic” cardboard packaging, and had no case. Instead, it came with a free 4 pole adapter to make the thing work with consoles and mobile phones.


The PC350SE has huuuuuge ear pad holes, in line with every other member of the 380 Pro family. The openings are absolutely monstrous. They’re bigger than the openings on the 598. They’re bigger than the openings on The DT770 Pro. They’re bigger than the openings on the Bose QC35. They’re bigger than the openings on the Philips SHP9500.

In short they’re the biggest pad openings I’ve ever personally encountered.

That’d be great if these were open headphones.

But they’re closed-back, so they rely on the seal of the pads against your head for isolation and bass response.

I had a tremendously hard time getting these to seal properly against my head. I think I achieved it a couple of times over a week of messing with them. And it took some doing. I don’t have a weirdly small head. In fact my head is kind of stupidly large. And yet, I would always have seal issues, either behind my ears or down by my jaw.

The holes are just too darn big.

Once I got them to seal, the fit is quite comfy. The headband pad and ear pads are plush and nice.


Most of my experience with the sound was bass-light and hollow in the midrange, due to the seal issues I had. When properly sealed, the PC350SE provides a nice, slightly bass-heavy sound signature that should work just fine for gaming.


The design is straight from the 380 Pro. It’s a little less silly-looking on the head than the 280 Pro.

Build is a mixture of plastic and metal parts, and feels like it can take a beating. The headset folds for storage in the included case…which was not included on my model. The boom mic folds up and down and when you fold it up, it mutes. It sounds nice. There’s also a volume wheel on the right ear cup that works fine.

The cable doesn’t detach. It’s nicely braided, and about ten feet long.


I couldn’t keep these. The seal problems meant that the sound and isolation were greatly affected. You might have better luck on your head. Aside from the Sennheiser Urbanite XL, this is the only headphone I’ve ever had seal issues on. If you have needs for really big ear cup holes, then this might be a great choice.

For me, it’s on to the next.

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