Sennheiser HD25 Headphone Review: A True Workhorse

A professional-first product with remarkable staying power


The Sennheiser HD25 is an on-ear, closed-back wired headphone that retails for about $149 US. Just to keep things confusing, it comes in a variety of different models…one of which isn’t really the same headphone at all.


I’ve come to expect a certain type of sound from Sennheiser…and the HD25 is different enough as to be surprising. And impressive.


I don’t usually like wearing on-ear headphones. I have a big head, and I wear glasses. Most on-ear headphones barely fit on my head due to their smaller size, and even the ones that do tend to pinch my ears after around 20 minutes.


The aesthetic design of the HD25 screams “work gear.”


The Sennheiser HD25 is a lightweight, robust, fiddly headphone that provides excellent sound, high potential comfort, and is completely designed around working environments. If you’re looking for a pair that provides the creature comforts one might want for a nice gentle home-listening experience, look elsewhere. But if you want a dependable thing you can throw in a bag, and you need to mix/monitor/DJ on the go, or just work in the world’s loudest office and don’t want to have to recharge a battery all the time, these are great.



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