Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: A gorgeous, fast, wonderful thing!

I’m not really a phone reviewer.

I don’t have any benchmarks to show you, or detailed side-by-side comparisons of photographs, or battery tests. You can get all of that pretty much anywhere else. I just wanted to write about the good time I’ve been having with this phone. I’ve grown bored with phones over the last 5 years, and now I’m excited again.


The S8+ is a big phone that actually fits in my hand.


I missed you OLED. You were so good in my old Focus and the original PS Vita. Why did I ever let you go?


Samsung had the courage to include a revolutionary headphone jack in the S8 phones. What a concept!


I wasn’t sure how quickly I’d take to Android, considering that I’d never owned an Android phone (just a tablet and the original Nvidia Shield), but I immediately liked several things about it. I like the flexibility of desktop icon placement. I like the task switcher. I like the organization of the notifications tray.


I’ll write more about this soon….but Gear VR is great! When it’s working. And when the app you’re playing is good.

Final Thoughts

This phone has already been dissected to death by all the big tech sites and Youtubers. And I agree with most of them. It’s super good!

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